Professional Ghost

Professional Ghost

Some stories are so good they deserve to be told.

Be it a tale of rags to riches, triumph over adversity, or the fascinating history of how a good idea became an iconic brand, everyone wants to know how it is done.

If you are the person behind this against-all-the-odds tale, chances are, you don’t have the time to tell the world how you did it. Quite simply you are too busy getting on with it. Or, perhaps you just don’t feel capable of writing a full book to tell your remarkable tale. Or, maybe, you’ve tried to write it all down, but it just doesn’t seem to flow.

There is an answer. Professional Ghost is a ghost writing service specialising in books for business people, entrepreneurs and ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Professional Ghost’s founder, Teena Lyons, is an experienced ghostwriter and journalist, who has collaborated on more than 50 books. Her portfolio includes biographies, how-I-did-it accounts, books on specific business disciplines from becoming a brilliant salesperson, to how to lead teams effectively. She’s even written some fiction titles and a spot of ‘chick lit’.

Teena will interview you, get to know your story and then write it in the most compelling possible way. If required, she will help put you in touch with publishers or, if you already have a book deal she will liaise with publishers to see your book through to market. Alternatively, if you are looking to self publish, she’ll lead you through the process. You could even publish your book through Professional Ghost’s sister company PG Press. (If you want to know more about how the process works, there’s loads of information on this website and Teena also writes a weekly blog on everything to do with ghostwriting.)

The idea is to take away the hard work and heart-ache of getting that story into print. You get a brilliant book, with your name on the cover. Meanwhile, you can get on with doing what you do best.

Ghostwriting Services

Your book written for you from scratch by a professional author.

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Polish and Publish

Your manuscript polished and made ready for publishing by a professional author.

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The Complete Guide to Ghostwriting

The Complete Guide to Ghostwriting is the must read guide to ghostwriting. It offers a comprehensive overview of this secretive industry revealing why people use ghostwriters, who might need one, from celebrities to ordinary people and how to get the best out of a publishing collaboration.

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