Professional Ghost

Ghost writing testimonials

Andrew Jennings - "Almost is not good enough"

“Teena Lyons is a consummate professional as a journalist, researcher and editor.
I used Teena as my book editor on Almost Is Not Good Enough. She was terrific. Her attention to detail was outstanding. I can only recommend anyone to utilise Teena’s skills and vast knowledge.”

Danny Lucas - "Get the Tin Out and Paint the Wall"

“My collaboration and experience with Teena for my new book has been a fantastic journey. Her professionalism and attention to detail is second to none and I don’t believe any of her clients have anything other than praise for her quality of work and excellent service.”

Bryan Dunlop

“We chose to work with PG because of the way Teena managed and addressed my enquiry. I knew from the outset that Teena would both support me but, most importantly, challenge me on what I was writing and how I was writing it. This is what I wanted and this is what I got. I was supported through the entire process, including the creation of the book. The support was invaluable. If you are looking for a ghost, I would strongly recommend that you work with Teena.”

Doug Tucker

“Teena’s company helped me in so many ways. She was invaluable in the creation of my book and the service was both enjoyable, practical and punctual. The way Teena creates ideas and timelines installs a discipline that brings your thoughts into reality. I would recommend Professional Ghost’s services to any would-be writer, or indeed anyone who has a story to tell.”

Bill Grimsey

“It is always a pleasure to work with professional people and Teena is a class act.”

Allan Leighton

Teena is a very good journalist. She is very straightforward, works quickly and gets the job done.”

C. B. Martin

“The unsung hero – Teena Lyons.

A good editor is rare, wonderful and essential, but an outstanding editor that understood me fully and my writing style, was vital.

It was clear from the start Teena was all the above as well as passionate, but more importantly, approachable. I felt, even as a first time writer, extremely comfortable expressing myself.

Together with her amazing energy, a gifted mind and a fresh approach, Teena honed my novel ‘Fur Coat No knickers’ with me every step of the way, never losing sight of my original voice.

Teena has a rare unique ability to bring characters to life and is a pure genius at switching from one voice to another, leaving the authors footprints and not her own.

I can’t thank you enough Teena for turning my dream into reality and believing in me. “