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Making money from your book

If you are thinking about employing a ghost writer, then you need to consider the other side of the equation and that is how you are going to make your book pay. Ghost writing is an intensive profession, often involving many weeks of work to produce a book and that comes at a cost.

Although we often read of six figure advances for authors like JK Rowling, or self-publishing successes like E.L. James, these experiences are quite rare. Indeed, the publishing industry is currently in a state of flux, as many more people explore self-publishing and experiment with e-books, which means that mainstream publishers are very wary of experimenting with new, untested authors. It can be very difficult to get them to engage at all and even when they do, advances can be quite small.

Fortunately, self publishing and internet publishing have proved themselves to be viable alternatives and many thousands of professional writers now publish this way. Many have found they can actually make more money – and get paid quicker.

The big thing to remember is; if you self publish, the onus is very much on you, the author, to get people to buy your book. The more copies you sell, the more money you will make. You will succeed in this endeavour better if the book is well written, hence the value of a ghost writer, however people will only buy your book if they know it is there.

There are several ways to market a book and get it noticed. These include:

If you’ve got a great story, it’s up to you to tell people about it and encourage their curiosity to learn more. Once you build momentum around a title, keep it up, by constantly feeding in new angles. There is no reason at all that you can’t become a best-selling author, but you do have to put the work in and that doesn’t mean simply producing a book and hoping for the best.

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