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How to Find a Great Ghost Writer

A great aspect of using a ghost writer is that you can help each other - it's not just a one way connection.

This means that having a good relationship is absolutely crucial; during the project, the ghost writer can offer you advice and guidance from their own previous experiences which often leads to great results. This also means that the ghost writer fully understands and appreciates the direction that you wish the text to take, and so can complete the job in a way that will match your desired criteria whilst maintaining a natural style throughout the piece.

As I've mentioned before, I was introduced to the profession before I was even aware of what ghost writing involved; a prime example of one way in which to find a ghost writer - choose someone you know! Working with a person that you get along with and also work well with on a professional basis is a great way to produce a final product that you're both happy with.

Whether it's someone you know who is already in the writing industry, or if you just trust that they would do a good job, you should use who you know to your advantage. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth recommendations - in almost all industries this is important, but in the writing and media sectors it is priceless. A huge number of new projects stem from commendations by friends, work colleagues, and previous or current clients.

With this in mind, social media is both a great way to search for ghost writers that have been suggested, and it's also a relevant and modern way to check out the facts and figures of writers that you have found. Someone with a consistent and impressive online presence is clearly influential and engaging to their target audience, and so would be a promising consideration for the task at hand.

Despite this, make sure social media isn't the only way you judge potential ghost writers - some industries and sectors within the area that you're writing about won't necessarily require as much social interaction, so don't be too critical of those who aren't in the loop!

It is always important to do a thorough background search on prospective ghost writers; I don't mean find out all about our previous escapades (we're not that interesting anyway!), I mean it is crucial to have a read of the previous texts that the writers have worked on. You can tell a lot from the style of writing and success of the texts, so find someone with work that you find enjoyable and easy to read - it might also be worth having a look at their website, as a lot of people show client testimonials from previous jobs that can be really useful!

Overall, the most important thing is to choose someone creative who will inspire you with new approaches and help you develop the initial plan into a piece of work that you can be proud to publish. If they cover these bases, and are trustworthy and hardworking, you've found yourself the perfect ghost writer!

Before proceeding to contact the ghost writers you've now discovered, find out how to choose a ghost writer.

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