Professional Ghost

How to choose a ghostwriter

There are a fair few ghosts around these days, so choosing the right one for you can be quite a daunting task. So what should you be considering when you are weighing up who you’d like to write your book?

First and foremost, you need to get on with your ghost and there should be good chemistry between you. It’s vital that a ghost captures their subject’s voice and if the two of you don’t really get along, that is never ever going to happen.

Secondly, you should look very carefully at the type of books your prospective ghost has written before. Although some ghosts have broad experience, many specialise in particular areas, such as misery memoires, or romantic fiction, or self help. Professional Ghost mainly deals in non-fiction and within that has covered a wide range of genres from straight biographies, to business ‘how to’ books, to true against-the-odds style stories. It is well worth asking your ghost for examples of books they have written before.

A less obvious, yet quite important, consideration is geography. You will need to spend some time, say 25 to 30 hours with your ghost writer, in slots of one to two hours at a time. If you are at opposite ends of the country, that is not always possible. Professional Ghost is based in Kent and most interviews are conducted in the South East.

When you are considering engaging a ghost writer, spend some time on their website to see how they work and if you like what you see take time to talk with them so you fully understand the process. They should be willing to explain in more detail about how they work, what they expect from you, the subject, and what happens if things don’t go to plan, such as if you don’t like what has been written. If you are both confident at the outset and communicating well, it makes for a much smoother book writing process.

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