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5 Books That You Never Knew Were Ghost Written

One of the most common questions a ghost writer can be asked is, "Don't you hate not receiving credit for your work?" The smart answer is; I don't mind one bit, as long as my name is on the cheque.

Ghostwriting is not a career for people with big egos who crave recognition. Going unnoticed is central to the profession and any ghost finds this face too hard to accept then they should probably consider another job.

Some people do nod to the input of the ghost writer in the acknowledgements and even occasionally on the title page, but others won't mention it at all. Indeed they may even heatedly deny they've used a ghost.

Although it is usually well-known in the publishing trade, most of the time the reader isn't aware of whether a ghost has been involved in a book. If you are interested to find out if a book has been written in collaboration, it can take some careful detective work. There are often clues in the acknowledgements, where the author might perhaps thank a person for 'helping to order their thoughts' of for 'their patience'. Sometimes, there may be an additional name on the copyright credits. To help you begin your search, here are five texts that you might not have realised had external input:

Which books have you read that have been written in collaboration with a ghost?

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