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Be it a tale of rags to riches, triumph over adversity, or the fascinating history of how a good idea became an iconic brand, everyone wants to know how it is done. Yes, if you are the household name, business brain, or entrepreneur behind this against-all-the-odds tale, chances are, you don’t have the time to tell the world how you did it. Quite simply you are too busy getting on with it.

There is an answer. Professional Ghost is a ghost writing service specialising in celebrity business and true life books. Professional Ghost will write your story, liaise with publishers and see your book through to market. The idea is to take away the hard work and heart-ache of getting that story into print, leaving you to get on with what you do best, which is making things happen


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Ghostwriting Services

Professional Ghost offers an experienced, high calibre, ghost writing services with more than a dozen published novels behind it, including bestsellers. The principal, Teena Lyons, is a respected journalist and author. She began her writing career writing for national newspapers including Mail on Sunday, The Guardian and The Sunday Times and has gone on to ghost write full time. She receives regular requests from publishers to ghost books for their clients and also accepts direct commissions.

Previous Work

Non Fiction Fiction

“Common Sense” Rules By Deborah Meaden

“Fur Coat No Knickers” By C.B. Martin

Deborah Meaden - Common Sense Rules



C.B. Martin - Fur Coat No Knickers


Reviews :

     53 customer reviews

Management Today
“A refreshingly simple look at an area plagued by hype and mythology.”

Reviews :

     319 customer reviews

“This book is hilarious! It’s brilliantly written and flows really well”


Doug Tucker
“Teena’s company helped me in so many ways. She was invaluable in the creation of my book and the service was both enjoyable, practical and punctual. The way Teena creates ideas and timelines installs a discipline that brings your thoughts into reality. I would recommend Professional Ghost’s services to any would-be writer, or indeed anyone who has a story to tell.”

Bill Grimsey
“It is always a pleasure to work with professional people and Teena is a class act.”

Some stories are so good they deserve to be told

If you would like to know about a UK ghostwriter and what a ghost can do for you, hopefully many of your questions will be answered in the various sections of the website. However, if you would like to know more, or discuss a particular project, do get in touch. When contacting Professional Ghost it is a great help if you can give a bit of detail about your book, the subject matter and whether it is fiction or non-fiction.

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